Schedule of Events

Thursday 15th September – Opening Night Performances on board the 73m barge (access via Waterways Ireland Visitor’s Centre to pontoon jetties)

6pm Olivia Hassett commences her progressive episodic performance of  ‘A Cumulative Sampling’, taking place over four days.

7pm Curator Anne Mullee will perform David Fagan’s work ‘He withdrew the bung and tipped the barrel’.

Friday 16th September – Culture Night

12pm Olivia Hassett continues her progressive episodic performance of  ‘A Cumulative Sampling’, taking place over four days.

6.30pm Talk: Changing Spaces, A Sense of Place Along the Grand with Ruth Minogue
Based on the Waterways Ireland-funded project ‘Landscape Character Assessment of the Grand and Royal Canals’, this talk explores the changes to the landscape and townscape of the Grand Canal. It explores its influence on the people and places of Dublin City using a variety of photographic map and documentary sources. A fascinating insight into Dublin’s industrial past with ecology and environment consultant Ruth Minogue.(40mins) Free, no need to book.

Saturday 16th September

12pm Olivia Hassett continues her progressive episodic performance of  ‘A Cumulative Sampling’, taking place over four days.

12-3pm Ciara McKeon – Waiting to break.
McKeon performs on the deck of the 73m barge.

12.30 & 1.30pm Mary-Jo Gilligan – The Gathering Gates
The Gathering Gates is an immersive site-specific outdoor artwork delivered via pre-recorded audio text. This absorbing ephemeral participatory work by artist Mary-Jo Gilligan invites the audience to engage with the compelling action of the sea locks that provide passage between the river Liffey and an entry point to the Irish canal system at Grand Canal Dock.  Headphones required. Information on how to download the audio in advance of the event wil be send to ticket holders. Some Mp3 players and headphones will be provided for those without smartphones. Places limited.  Free, booking essential.

3.30-5.30pm Cis O’Boyle & Rachel of idle women in conversation. With Q&A. 
Cis O’Boyle and Rachel Anderson are founders of idle women (on the water) and caretakers of the Selina Cooper, England’s first floating arts centre for women. Constantly moving, it hosts a series of artists-in-residence, workshops, and events, providing both a visiting arts venue and resource centre for women as it navigates the canals and waterways across Britain. Throughout 2016 they are based between Blackburn and Barrowford on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal, working in partnership with Super Slow Way. Curator Anne Mullee will lead a post-talk discussion about the genesis and ambition of this exciting project. Free, booking essential.

Sunday 18th September

12pm Olivia Hassett completes her performance of  ‘A Cumulative Sampling’

12.30 & 1.30pm Mary-Jo Gilligan – The Gathering Gates.
Part psychogeography and part choreography, this ephemeral participatory work takes the form of an audio-guided engagement with the spectacle of the operation of the thundering sea locks operating between the river Liffey and Grand Canal Dock. Free, but booking essential.